Chat helper account – Operators

"Operators" Tab: Efficient Staff Management

The "Operators" tab in the dashboard allows each account to have multiple operators (chatters). Users can add, edit, or delete operators directly from the dashboard, providing them access to the extension using specific keys and specifying which OnlyFans account they can access.

Why is this feature important, and how can it benefit users?

Efficient Task Allocation: Providing the ability to add multiple operators enables users to efficiently manage communication with fans and distribute tasks among team members. This helps ensure a more prompt and quality response to fan queries.

Enhanced Security: Users can assign unique keys to each operator, providing an additional level of security and control over access to the extension. This protects confidential data and prevents unauthorized access to the account.

Convenient Access Management: By specifying the OnlyFans account each operator can access, users can easily control which operators have access to which accounts. This provides more convenient and secure management of data and content access.