Insights on your fans' OnlyFans data

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Fan Card: Unlocking Insights into Your Fans

In the Fan Card section, you gain access to detailed personal information about each of your fans, empowering you to foster stronger connections and tailor your content to their preferences. Here's what you can expect:

Personal Info: Dive deep into your fans' profiles to uncover valuable insights such as their demographics, interests, and engagement history.

Spending Charts: Visualize how much each fan has spent over time with intuitive spending charts, allowing you to identify your most loyal supporters and tailor exclusive content or rewards for them.

Time Zone Adjustment: Set the time zone of each fan to stay informed about their local time, enabling you to schedule posts or interact with them at the most convenient times.

Additional Information: Customize fan profiles by adding supplementary details such as their name, hobbies, and any comments or notes you wish to include. This personalized touch helps you foster a deeper connection and make them feel valued.

By leveraging the Fan Card feature, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience, strengthen engagement, and cultivate a loyal fan base that resonates with your content on a deeper level.