Work specifics

Our platform allows you to easily manage user lists by toggling group labels on or off. You have complete control over organizing and categorizing your audience.

Absolutely! Subscription labels appear in the dialog, providing real-time updates on fan subscriptions. You can easily monitor the growth of your fan base.

Yes, we offer a wide range of cute and expressive emojis through our huge emoji bar. Enhance your conversations and engage with your fans in a fun and engaging manner.

Yes, our platform allows you to create message templates. This feature enables you to save time and effortlessly send personalized messages to your fans with just a few clicks.

Our integrated ChatGPT feature enables you to provide quick and instant responses to your fans' inquiries. It enhances your ability to engage in seamless conversations and provide timely support.

Absolutely! Our platform supports multiple operators using a single account. This facilitates collaboration and efficient management of fan interactions across your team.

Yes, you can send mass messages to your fan base. Additionally, you have the option to add delays between each message for a more natural and personalized communication flow.

How to get started

Yes, you can personalize the dialog style for each operator. They can choose their preferred dialog and their selected color will be displayed, adding a unique touch to their interactions.

Our platform offers flexible customization options for the extension. You can easily control its position (top, bottom, right, or left) and even resize it to fit your desired layout.

Work process

Yes, our platform provides real-time insights on various fan activities. You can easily monitor online fans, track the latest subscribers, purchases, comments, and likes, all in one place.