Mass Messaging

Base chat helper overview – Mass Messaging

Mass Messaging: Empowering Efficient Communication

The mass messaging feature allows you to send messages to multiple subscriber groups simultaneously, making the communication process more efficient and saving your time. Here's why it's so important:

Multiple Broadcasting: Send messages to several subscriber groups at once, reaching a larger audience in one go and streamlining the communication process.

Attachment of Media from Vault: Attach media files from your vault to the message, making it more engaging and informative for your subscribers.

Setting Price for Media: Set a price for the attached media files, offering additional content to your audience for an extra fee and increasing your revenue.

Filter Configuration: Set filters to send messages only to specific subscriber groups based on their activity, such as those who spend more or less. This allows you to better target and personalize your communication.

Exclusions and Delays: Specify exclusion lists to exclude certain subscribers from the broadcast, and set a delay between message sends to adhere to ethical and practical communication norms.