Operator Tracker

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Operator Tracker: Efficient Work Monitoring

The Operator Tracker feature allows each operator to monitor their working time directly within the extension. Operators can start a timer upon login, track their working hours during their shift, and stop the timer when they finish. The extension will then sum up all transactions received by the user during their shift, and operators can review these transactions in the dashboard.

Why is this feature valuable, and how can it benefit users?

Accurate Work Tracking: With the ability to track working hours using timers, operators can accurately monitor the time spent engaging with fans and managing tasks. This helps ensure transparency and accountability in the work process.

Efficient Performance Evaluation: By reviewing the transactions accumulated during their shift, operators can assess their productivity and performance. This data can be valuable for performance evaluations and identifying areas for improvement.

Fair Compensation Calculation: Tracking working hours allows for precise calculation of operator compensation based on the time spent working. This ensures fair compensation for operators and helps maintain positive working relationships.