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Combination of powerful OnlyFans extension tools and our CRM system.
The best solution to automate, control and analyze your work on OnlyFans.
We dont have cookies permission and dont collect any data without your consent, unlike other extensions!

Fan CRM Personalize your communication with each fan by maintaining a detailed profile for each of them

Purchased Media

List of Media what Fan purchased
List of Media what was sent to Fan
Date and link to message with this media

Access a comprehensive list of media purchased by your fans, view the media you've sent to them, and easily find the corresponding dates and links to the messages containing this media

Purchased Prices

Graphic of last purchased price
Max/Min/Average price for purchased
Filter by type of media, unpurchased, limit

Gain valuable insights into your earnings, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your financial strategies

Fan CRM Information

Cloud sync – Synchronization between all sexters working on this profile
General Info – Name, from, hobbies, age & occupation, additional information
Notes – Add additional note for each fan what display on main page
Easy & safe saving – Data saving automatically in our cloud

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Our feature-rich OnlyFans extension offers a range of capabilities for seamless profile management, including automatic synchronization across all active sections on your profile
Seamless profile control, including a mini popover block for quick access

OF Base Info

Subscribe status
Subscribe duration
Total spent (% of each type)
What list is he on

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Explore In-Depth Fan Insights at Your Fingertips: Effortlessly Access Detailed Information about your chosen fan

AI ChatGPT Generate fast answers using your own prompts

0% Commission

0% Commission – You pay for chatgpt only for tokens you used
Full Transparent – All logs with using ChatGPT available in you cabinet, with report huw much tokens (and $) you used

You pay for ChatGPT only for the tokens you've used, and full transparency – all logs of ChatGPT usage are available in your dashboard, with a report on how many tokens you've utilized

Custom Prompts

Default Prompts – Use our prompts to generate popular answer (Upsale, Friendly, Flirting, Question)
Custom Prompts – Create, Edit and Analyze your own prompts. Use custom icons and title for ease using
Different models – You able to use different ChatGPT Models (gpt-4, gpt-3.5)

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Unlock rapid responses with our innovative feature set, powered by OpenAI's API and ready-to-use prompts
Empowering users with the ability to effortlessly craft their own custom prompts

Deep Analytics

Count Using – Able to see how many time your sexters using your prompt in your cabinet
Full Answers – In your cabinet available all request and response for your prompts, with tokens you used

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 You can track the frequency of your sexters using your prompts on your dashboard, along with gaining access to comprehensive request and response logs for all your prompts, including the tokens used
You can track how many times your assistants have used your prompts in your dashboard, and Full Responses – all requests and responses for your prompts, along with the tokens you've used, are available in your dashboard

Other Features A lot more features available. Subscribe for all news & updates

100% Safe & Privacy. We only ones who don't steal data

We the only one Extension who doesn't have access to your cookies (we don't have permission for it in our extension) like other extensions does
We don't send your privacy data (message histories, etc) to our servers
We don't have hidden requests workings in background

Lowest Price 1 key = Infinity Sexters

Pay only for account profile and all your sexters can use your license
No hidden payments
Price not depends your account performer top (%)

Pay only for your account profile, and all your sexters can use your license. No hidden fees, and your price isn't determined by your performer account ranking

Fast Development

We are always one step ahead of our competitors
We work closely with the largest agencies, introducing the best technologies and practices
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Cabinet Integration

All useful information in your cabinet
Templates, ChatGPT Prompts, MassMessages history, Operators (sexters) available to create/edit in your cabinet

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All essential information, including templates, ChatGPT prompts, MassMessages history, and operator (sexter) management, is conveniently accessible and editable within your dashboard.

Messages Tools Interact with your fans faster, more efficiently, while wasting less of your time.

Mass Messages

Fully synchronization – Create and manage your mass messages with your chatters within your model. Synchronization & with analytics in your cabinet
All messages going to Private Fan Tab
Filter fans by spend (less/more), lists, type of account (creators / user), online status
Custom delay between sending messages
Paid message with media
History & Info with sent messages
Unsend ability to successfully sent messages

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Powerful Mass Message form. Users can effortlessly create groups, exclude specific users, add premium media from the vault, and compose personalized messages with emojis
After filling out the mass message fields, users can easily preview the form before sending. Ensure your messages are just right before hitting send
We also provide a history board where users can conveniently keep tabs on their sent messages

Message Templates

Fully synchronization – Create and manage your message templates with your chatters within your model. Synchronization & with analytics in your cabinet of using
With custom emoji and title for easy knowing when to use it
Analytics in panel to see the count of using
Easy Create / Edit on dialog Page
Control in Panel

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The versatile template functionality allows users to effortlessly create, update, or delete any templates they desire, enhancing their customization options and user experience on the platform
Achieve full synchronization by creating and managing message templates directly within your model, enabling seamless coordination with your chatters, while also integrating analytics into your cabinet for insightful usage monitoring, all with the added convenience of custom emojis and titles for easy identification of when to use them, and further enhance your control with easy creation and editing on the dialogue page and comprehensive management options in the panel
Simply click on a template, and watch it instantly populate your textarea

Dialogue Separation

Custom Colors – Set own color for each sexters to control only his dialogues
Parallel operation – Separata dialogues between sexters to be able chatting with multiple fans in one moment

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The user-friendly interface provided ensures operators have a straightforward and efficient platform to work with, enhancing their overall experience and productivity
Operators have the convenience of selecting their names from a readily available list, making it a seamless process to commence their conversations
After selecting the operator, you can mark the conversation with your chosen color

Dialogs Labels

Custom List Label – Tag dialogs with fans who are on the lists you select
Total Fan Spent
New Fans
Duration Subscribe
Expired / Rebill Of

 Effortlessly streamline the management of your user lists to gain unprecedented control and convenience by easily viewing all your enabled lists, revolutionizing your user interaction experience
Now you have the power to seamlessly control and customize your user lists directly from the dialog panel. Hide or show your lists with ease

Media Vault Labels

Was sent and purchased – Green success check icon
Was sent and not purchased – Red cross icon
Was sent without price – Grey sent icon
Dynamically – All data getting dynamically when you open the Media Vault. You will see 100% relevant information

 Users can effortlessly monitor the media they have sent, ensuring a seamless and organized experience
The availability of distinct color icons for each status simplifies the process of differentiation and content management, enhancing your overall experience and efficiency

Message Emojis

Most useful emojis near message box
Able to customize emojis list

 The emoji panel for templates and chat panels we offer adds a fun and expressive touch to your conversations, introducing new dimensions and vibrancy to them

Online Fans

List of Online Fans
Filter by Min Spend / Creators
Button for fast message
Mass messages to Online Fans (priority tab)

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Access a live user board for real-time tracking of online users

Last Fans Actions

Last Subscribers
Last Purchases
Last Comments
Last Likes
Details about each action
Button for fast message

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You'll be able to easily track and analyze information about your earnings and expenses on OnlyFans. These valuable insights will enable you to make more informed financial decisions and effectively manage your account

v1.0.20 - 17 April 2024

New :

  • Message Placeholder: Introduced a new feature that allows users to set a placeholder for messages. The extension will automatically replace the placeholder with the username or use a default value if no username is provided. This feature enhances personalization and user experience by allowing for more dynamic and personalized messages.

Fix :

  • Mass Message Unsend: Fixed an issue where mass messages could not be unsent. This fix ensures that users can now easily retract mass messages if needed.

New :

  • Fan Timezone Feature: Introducing the ability to add fan timezones! Now, users can include timezone information as additional data for fans. This allows for more precise tracking of fan activity based on their local time.

Fix :

  • Bug fixes to improve the stability and performance of the application.

New :

  • Added Todo filter and hilight expired todos
  • Implemented dynamic fan feature in Todo management

Update :

  • Enhanced Template Functionality: We've refined our template functionality, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Now, it's easier than ever to create and customize templates to suit your specific needs
  • Template Design Overhaul: Dive into a refreshed and modernized template design, offering a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing user experience

Fix :

  • Bug fixes to enhance the stability and performance of our service

New :

  • Todox List Integration:Introducing a brand new Todo List functionality to enhance your productivity and organization. Seamlessly manage tasks and priorities directly within the app

Update :

  • Enhanced Template Functionality: We've refined our template functionality, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Now, it's easier than ever to create and customize templates to suit your specific needs
  • Template Design Overhaul: Dive into a refreshed and modernized template design, offering a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing user experience

Fix :

  • Bug fixes to enhance the stability and performance of our service

New :

  • Real Time Statistics in Extension Dashboard: Users can now track all transactions in the extension dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of their activity.

New :

  • New Template functionality allows users to filter templates by word or tag group

Update :

  • Template design

Fix :

  • Search engine

New :

  • Enhanced Control Over Mass Messages
  • Stop/Continue Mass Messages
  • Sending Messages in Background Mode
  • Creating Multiple Mass Messages

Update :

  • Mass messages

Fix :

  • Bug fixes to enhance the stability and performance of our service

New :

  • Personalized Greeting Messages

New :

  • Settings Tab Available for All Users
  • Social Login Integration
  • Avatar Quick Access
  • Confirmation email to ensure the security of your account

New :

  • Chat moderation functionality when using ChatGPT

Update :

  • ChatGPT funtionality

New :

  • Operator Keys. Operators can now log in using their own key

New :

  • Russian Localization

Fix :

  • Mass Messages Issues
  • Resolved an issue with excessive loading when scrolling through media files from the vault
  • Fixed a bug in the group selectbox where the style was causing discomfort for users
  • Addressed a problem with mass message sending where only a partial list of recipients was being reached

New :

  • Added Mass Messages Delay
  • Enhanced Mass Messages Textarea Emoji
  • Improved Operator Modal Styles

Update :

  • Mass messages

New :

  • Added the Ability to Mark Any Dialog with Operator Colors
  • Introduced a New Modal for Toggling User Groups On/Off
  • Replaced Input Fields with a Select Box for Adding and Choosing Operators

New :

  • ChatGPT Button for Auto-Generating Messages
  • Template Button for Saving Any Template